Is an alliance emerging between Venezuela and Turkey? - analysis


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Is an alliance emerging between Venezuela and Turkey? - analysis
After enjoying his time in Turkey, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro went to Tehran where met with President Ebrahim Raisi.
Published: JUNE 11, 2022

Venezuela’s president met his Iranian counterpart over the weekend in meetings that showcase Iran as a key ally of Venezuela. He came to Iran after meeting with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, another key partner for years. Considering Iran’s uranium enrichment program and continued threat in the Middle East, and Turkey‘s threat of a new invasion of Syria and its efforts to keep Finland and Sweden out of NATO, it seems that a Turkey-Iran-Venezuela partnership may be emerging, built on opposition to the US and the West.

What does Turkey want from Venezuela?

Turkey’s president condemned “primitive one-sided” sanctions, according to the Associated Press. “He made the remark while speaking alongside President Nicolas Maduro in a joint news conference,” the report said. Erdogan said he wanted to “reiterate that we will continue to support brotherly Venezuela.” Turkey sees the thuggish authoritarian regime of Maduro in Caracas as an ally because Ankara has become a key ally of authoritarian and extremist regimes all over the world.

While Ankara preaches “reconciliation” with Israel it also is threatening Greece and threatening to ethnically cleanse Kurds in Syria. Ankara is also undermining NATO and working closely with Russia. All of this points to the reason Ankara wants its Venezuela connection. It wants to maneuver outside the system of countries that work closely with the US.