Is a war in West Africa shaping up in the ECOWAS-Niger dispute - analysis


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Is a war in West Africa shaping up in the ECOWAS-Niger dispute - analysis
Perceived-Western backing of state actors could create future divisions in an already tense climate.

Reports over the weekend indicate that escalation could take place in Western Africa between the group of countries known as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Niger. Niger recently had a military coup, one of several countries to have had a coup in that region in recent years. Niger is very important because it has been a frontline against extremism and destabilization in the Sahel. The US has supported Niger and has located a drone base there. The United State's support has gone back many years and in 2017 several US military personnel were killed supporting Niger's military.


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I wonder how much this news piece might be connected to the OP:

The founder and leader of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, purported to be in Africa, filmed his first video since leading a failed mutiny against Russian commanders in June.

Prigozhin says the Wagner Group is making Russia great on all continents, and making Africa "more free."..

...CBS News says it has not verified Prigozhin's location or when the video was taken, but it says it appears to be a recruitment drive on the African continent, where the Wagner Group has been active for years. Some African nations have turned to the mercenary group to fill security gaps or prop up dictatorial regimes against insurgents.

"In most cases, they provide training for local military forces, local security forces, but they are also engaged in VIP protection, also in guarding. And if necessary, they are able to conduct also high intensity operations, I mean real combat," said András Rácz, a Russian expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations......

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Then there's this:

Genocidal communist dictator Xi Jinping landed in South Africa in the early morning hours of Tuesday to a personal welcome from President Cyril anticipation of this week’s BRICS summit.

Upon landing, Xi delivered a pre-written speech....

...“A solid and growing China-South Africa relationship not only benefits the two peoples, but also brings more stability to a world which is undergoing transformation and turbulence, Xi said,” Xinhua reported, “adding that he believes with the two sides’ concerted efforts, the visit will definitely be a complete success.”...

...Following his arrival, Ramaphosa greeted Xi on Tuesday morning with a welcome ceremony in Tshwane, where South African soldiers offered a 21-gun salute – “the highest honour rendered to a visiting Head of State,” according to the South African president’s office....