Irish FM to visit Israel amid tensions on settlements, NGO terror labeling


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Irish FM to visit Israel amid tensions on settlements, NGO terror labeling
Simon Coveney will meet with PM Naftali Bennett and President Isaac Herzog among others.
NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney is set to visit Israel amid tensions between the two countries over settlement construction and Defense Ministry Benny Gantz labeling six Palestinian non-governmental groups as terror entities. It is Coveney’s fifth trip to Israel in the last four years and his first since Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took office in May. “During this visit, I will meet with a range of Israeli and Palestinian political leaders, representatives of UN agencies and civil society.

“I will speak clearly and frankly about negative trends, including violence, demolitions, evictions, and settlement activity that are causing ongoing suffering and threaten to erode the prospect of a negotiated two-state solution. “In the past week, we have seen further negative developments in terms of settlement activity and civil society space which I have spoken out against.



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The Republic of Ireland has left - leaning socialist governments who are generally anti - Israel. I hope Israel ignore them and do all they can to protect and support their country.

For those not familiar with the island of Ireland, the north (Northern Ireland) is much more pro - Israel and is probably one the one part of the British Isles that is still generally Christian and conservative in outlook.