Iran's regime is the source of the Israel-Iran conflict


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Iran's regime is the source of the Israel-Iran conflict - opinion
“It’s the regime, stupid,” and Israel cannot afford to let this regime get its finger anywhere close to a nuclear trigger.
Published: JANUARY 20, 2022

In understanding the source of the Israel-Iran abyss it is perhaps useful to paraphrase James Carville’s famous adage from the 1992 US presidential election: “it’s the economy, stupid,” because it really is all about the regime. I had the opportunity to visit the pre-revolution Imperial State of Iran. In the 1970s Tehran provided the best route to Israel from Asia. I flew from Melbourne to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Tehran, stayed overnight in the Iranian capital, and after some sightseeing departed the next day for Tel Aviv.

Israel’s diplomatic mission in Iran was then headed by the legendary Uri Lubrani who oversaw a positive mutually beneficial relationship – my El Al LY112 Tehran-Tel Aviv flight just one public manifestation of that. But in 1979, regime change destroyed those ties. Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the shah’s Imperial State, establishing the Islamic Republic with its unrelenting goal of eliminating the “Zionist entity.” Jerusalem’s elevated concerns over Iran’s nuclear ambitions stem directly from that intense ideological hostility.

The regime declares that its nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes, a contention repudiated by the documentary evidence from the Iranian nuclear archive seized by Israeli intelligence in 2018, and by the absurdity of the presumption that Iran’s clerical leadership was ahead of Greta Thunberg in appreciating the dangers of climate change. Why else would a regime with vast fossil fuel reserves choose to invest countless billions, and provoke international anxiety, to develop nuclear energy?