Iran's June elections: a decisive moment for the mullahs


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Iran's June elections: a decisive moment for the mullahs
Not only Israel and the PA have elections soon, the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has 6 months left in office and can't run again.Op-ed.
Dr. Salem AlKetbi , Feb 21 , 2021
Putin and Rouhani.

The future of the Iranian nuclear agreement could be shaped by the presidential election in Iran on June 18, 2021. This does not necessarily mean that we have to wait for it to find out what will happen to the current agreement. On the contrary, speeding up the resolution could be a scenario that would allow the new US administration to avoid what might come out of these elections, a decisive moment for the mullahs’ regime. Realistically, the current president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, has only six months left in office. He is not eligible for a new term. Iran is therefore expecting a new president in June. This is a date to remember for many reasons. The first is the extremely difficult situation of the mullahs’ regime.

At once, the maximum pressure exerted by the US since Donald Trump’s presidency. Increasing possibility of a sudden military strike due to the growing threats to regional security posed by Iran’s expansionist policies. Trouble in which the regime put itself by interfering in several Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Extremely tense relations with neighboring countries in the Gulf. Of course, the decline in the regime’s popularity.