Iran’s IRGC chief: Ready for 'full confrontation' with the US


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Iran’s IRGC chief: Ready for 'full confrontation' with the US
On April 8 the US designated the IRGC a terrorist organization. Salami was appointed to head the organization on April 21.
By Seth J. Frantzman
May 16, 2019

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps released a statement on Wednesday claiming the country was now working at maximum capacity in preparation for a “full confrontation” with its "enemy," which is a reverence to escalating tensions with the United States. The statement, from newly appointed IRGC commander Hossein Salami, said that this was a decisive moment for the Iranian “revolution” and that Iran’s enemies were working hard to break the stability and will of the Iranian people.

On April 8 the US designated the IRGC a terrorist organization. Salami was appointed to head the organization on April 21.
The IRGC is Iran’s most important military force, with units that control ballistic missiles, naval auxiliaries and also ground forces. It also runs internal security and has local militias and has cadres that work abroad to advise Iranian allies. As a “revolutionary” organization, it is the backbone of the state and its theocratic regime. It is estimated to have several hundred thousand personnel and local militia members.

Since tensions began to escalate on May 5 between the US and Iran the IRGC has been careful not to provoke the US but Salami has reassured the Iranian parliament that his men are up to the task of defending the country. For instance on May 13 the IRGC commander said that US naval forces might present an “opportunity” for the IRGC to strike at, and the IRGC hinted it was preparing for “full scale war” with the US.

The May 15 statement, published at Fars News, Tasnim News and the Iranian official government news site IRNA says that members of the IRGC are prepared across the country, referring to the organization as a “jihadist system.” Salami argues that the US has a strategy to destabilize Iran and that Iran’s enemies have ignored peace, security and dignity in their drive against the country. But Iran’s people are “indebted to the resistance,” he says. “Our enemies have reached the end of their line,” he writes. He claimed Iran's enemies have "osteoporsis," that they are basically a paper tiger and that Iran's "full opposition" will reveal that.

Iranian Minister of Defense Amir Hatami said on Wednesday that the country was at the peak of its defense preparations. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani also said Wednesday that the Iranian people are the source of the country’s strength. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is in Japan seeking to shore up support in Asia as tensions rise.

Taken together the statements appear to show the Iran is trying to convince its own people that it is ready to face any US threats. The US has said that any Iranian attacks or attacks by Iran’s allies and proxies will result in retaliation. On May 12 and 13 ships were sabotaged in the Gulf of Oman and drones struck at Saudi Arabia from Iran’s allies in Yemen, raising the tensions. The US has recalled non-essential staff from Iraq.

Salami appears to be hinting that the IRGC has mobilized its local Basij militia units and its provincial corps commanders throughout Iran. Recently the IRGC had been used to help deal with floods throughout Iran, dispatching its forces to rural areas. It also has had to deal with tensions on the Pakistan border where terrorist groups have attacked IRGC locations. Iran is also concerned about tensions in the Kurdish region in northwest Iran and in Arab areas of Ahwaz. In short, Iran’s regime is overstretched, losing vital finances due to sanctions, its oil sector ravaged, and flooding crippling the country. It has wasted money on foreign conflicts in Syria and elsewhere. Now the IRGC wants to assert that it is ready for a “full opposition” against the “maximum pressure” that Iran admits it is under. Salami, who has only been on the job for a month, now faces a massive test.


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A full scale war with the U.S.? Really? Is Russia the shadowmaster behind this? If the US *does* do anything in Iran, then Russia has a reason to get all war-ish. Oh well. We know how it ends. When my stomach gets anxious, I just have to pray and let go. Satan is the worst - he knows he is going to lose, yet he will destroy as much as possible going down. :-(

John Romans

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Im sure Russia would be behind Iran and maybe even China pulling some strings (such as trade wars and dumping our debt) doing anything to knock the U.S. off as a world superpower.


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Well, Iran just upped the bluster. This time saying any attack on Iran will mean the elimination of Israel within a half hour and lead to WWIII.
They might want to consult the REAL God before going down that path. Of course they know Russia will be their sidekick, so their confidence is boosted.

It’s probably not advisable to buy green bananas these days.