Iran's atomic chief: West making 'baseless accusations' about our nuclear program


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Iran's atomic chief: West making 'baseless accusations' about our nuclear program
Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran insists country's nuclear program is peaceful.
Israel National News

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) on Tuesday slammed what he described as the West's "baseless" accusations against Iran's "peaceful" nuclear program, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Mohammad Eslami made the remarks in an address to a ceremony in the Iranian capital Tehran, during which he vowed that the AEOI is determined to eliminate the West's "fanfare" surrounding Iran's nuclear program. Eslami noted that, while some countries have acquired their nuclear technology and capacity through spending money, Iran has attained its "high standing" through local experts' efforts.



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Right, sure. We know why you want to go nuclear, and it sure isn't for energy purposes.


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Yep, we should all believe these claims of the Religion of Pieces, you know, those lovely people who delight in using explosive trucks, bombs and suicidal jet pilots to achieve their goals. A nuke would be a cherry on top, so to speak. Great for their promises to wipe Israel off the map while threatening the "Great Satan's" of the west.


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Of course the only way for sure is let them go with the understanding that one nuke comes out of iran and iran is pile of radioactive debris.