Iranian president Raisi sworn in as world watches


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Iranian president Raisi sworn in as world watches
Over 70 countries have sent dignitaries to Tehran for the ceremony, which was expected to have less religious tones than the one on Tuesday.
AUGUST 5, 2021

Hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi was sworn in as Iran’s president on Thursday before invitees from 70 countries, as the Islamic Republic’s clerical rulers face growing crises at home and abroad. The parliamentary ceremony followed Tuesday’s ceremony in which the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei formally tapped Raisi as president in a ceremony attended mostly by domestic officials.

While Tuesday’s ceremony seems to have marked Raisi’s formal ascent to power, Thursday’s seems to have been directed at introducing him to the world. Ahead of Thursday’s ceremony, Iran advertised that fewer domestic officials would be present to make room for the foreign dignitaries and because of coronavirus distancing restrictions. Khamenei and Raisi made several internal religious references on Tuesday that may have been less prominent in Thursday’s ceremony because of the international attendees.