Iranian parliament passes law whereby talking to someone with Israeli citizenship punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

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A new law passed in the Iranian parliament could lead to the imprisonment of any Iranian citizen who speaks on any issue with a person holding Israeli citizenship.

The radical law, whereby any dialogue with an Israeli citizen is prohibited, was passed last week. The sentence for violating the law is up to five years in prison, Besheva journalist Dvir Amar reported on Twitter.

A senior official in the Jewish community in Iran told Amar: "Last week, they passed a law here in the parliament that anyone who speaks with someone with Israeli citizenship would be sentenced to five years in prison."

He added, "Most people haven't heard of this law yet. I'm sorry but we can't talk anymore and I have to leave all groups."


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Somebody from Israel should call all of the leaders of Iran and record their conversations and then publish the conversations...
I was going to go that direction too but instead have Israeli citizens call Iranian citizens.

Let's see Iran run their country with all the leaders and citizens in jail.

Based on all of the recent protests a lot of the citizens might feel like they're in jail already.