Iranian 'immunity' is over, Bennett warns amid threats from Tehran


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Iranian 'immunity' is over, Bennett warns amid threats from Tehran
Bennett spoke days after Israel was accused of killing a top IRGC colonel in Tehran and as the IDF remains on high alert amid Iranian threats.
Published: MAY 29, 2022

In a hint to possible Israeli involvement in the recent assassination of an Iranian military officer, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday that Tehran would not go unpunished for instigating attacks through its proxies. “As we have said more than once, the era of immunity for the Iranian regime is over,” Bennett told his ministers at the weekly government meeting.

Last week, two people on a motorcyle assassinated Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Col. Hassan Sayad Khodayari while he sat in his car. The tactic echoed previous killings in Iran that focused on nuclear scientists and were widely pinned on Mossad. The New York Times reported that Israel had informed the United States it was behind the hit. Israel has been on high alert over the last week amid concern that Iran will try to retaliate for Khodayari’s death.