Iran: We will respond to 'terrorist attack' on nuclear facility


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Iran: We will respond to 'terrorist attack' on nuclear facility
Chief of Iranian nuclear program calls sabotage of uranium enrichment facility 'act of terrorism', hints at Iranian response.
David Rosenberg , Apr 11 , 2021
Damage at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility.

Iran’s top nuclear official condemned the attack on the country’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz as an act of “nuclear terrorism”, and hinted that Iran may retaliate. Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and a former Foreign Minister, spoke with Irib News Sunday about the prospects of lifting US sanctions, as well as the recent attack on the Natanz nuclear facility. Salehi downplayed the impact of the attack, saying that the ‘incident’ had failed to cause serious damage to Iran’s nuclear program. "The action taken against the Natanz enrichment center shows the failure of the opponents of the country's industrial and political progress to prevent the significant development of the nuclear industry." Nevertheless, Salehi castigated those responsible, calling the attack an act of “nuclear terrorism”. Salehi also hinted that Iran may retaliate for the incident.