Iran talks on unexplained uranium traces delayed -diplomats


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Iran talks on unexplained uranium traces delayed -diplomats
"It's been pushed back several weeks regarding the April start. Could be as little as two," a European diplomatic source said, adding that the reason was technical.
APRIL 7, 2021

Talks between the UN atomic watchdog and Iran aimed at prising answers from Tehran on unexplained uranium traces have been delayed, narrowing a window to make progress or risk undoing a wider push for detente with the West, three diplomats said. Iran's 2015 deal with world powers effectively drew a line under what the International Atomic Energy Agency and US intelligence agencies believe was a secret, coordinated nuclear weapons program that the Islamic Republic halted in 2003.

In the past two years, however, IAEA inspectors have found traces of processed uranium at three sites Iran never declared to it, suggesting that Tehran had nuclear material connected to old activities that remains unaccounted for. The IAEA needs to track that material down to be sure Iran is not diverting any to make nuclear weapons. In a bid to break the impasse, and avert an escalation between Tehran and the West, the IAEA has said it would hold talks with Iran as of the start of April with the aim of making progress by early June.