Iran says it wants peace with Saudis, but sends Houthi drones instead


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Iran says it wants peace with Saudis, but sends Houthi drones instead
So what does Turkey think about Saudi Arabia’s possible détente with Iran?
MAY 4, 2021

What is Iran’s strategy now that discussions of an Iran-Saudi Arabia warming of relations have become well known? First, it is interesting that while Turkey’s regime has been pretending it wants reconciliation with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the real substantive discussion may involve the kingdom and Iran. That is because Turkey can be more of a threat to Saudi Arabia’s leadership role in the region, while Iran is an antagonist that might be quieted by discussions.

Second, what is important to know is that Iran has acknowledged the discussions with Saudi Arabia – at the same time that Iran’s media brags of more Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia using drones. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif even met with the Houthis. He is on a regional “Ramadan trip” to shore up support for the Islamic Republic. His other goal is ostensibly to make it seem like Iran is pushing stability and a kind of “Pax Irana” in the region. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh has illustrated Tehran’s interest in a new era of interaction and cooperation. These discussions, which were at first more secret, go back at least to January. They coincide with US President Joe Biden taking office.