Iran nuclear talks advancing ‘logically,’ says EU official


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Iran nuclear talks advancing ‘logically,’ says EU official
Iranian website reports ‘constructive interactions’ are also taking place in Vienna between UN atomic agency, officials from Islamic Republic
By TOI staff and Agencies

Negotiations between Iran and world powers aimed at salvaging a tattered 2015 nuclear deal are moving ahead, a European official and an Iranian media report said Friday. When asked if the European Union, which is chairing the talks in Vienna, is optimistic about the new Iranian negotiating team’s position, a senior European Union official told Reuters,”my impression is that we are simply advancing in quite the logical way of the negotiation.”

Diplomats from Britain, France, and Germany had urged Tehran to come back with “realistic proposals” after the Iranian delegation made numerous demands last week that the accord’s other parties deemed unacceptable. Iran’s Nournews website, which is affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, reported that “while nuclear talks are going on in Vienna, constructive interactions had taken place between the [International Atomic Energy] Agency and Iranian officials in Vienna.”

“Details will be announced soon,” the Iranian report added, according to Reuters.