Iran now knows its attacks on Saudi could bring Israel’s support - analysis


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Iran now knows its attacks on Saudi could bring Israel’s support - analysis
Iran’s understanding that its increased attacks on Saudi Arabia and the UAE could not only move those countries closer together regarding Yemen but also draw Riyadh closer to Israel.
Published: MARCH 27, 2022

The support that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett gave Saudi Arabia following attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthis is a signal to Iran. Media reports at Iran’s Fars News noted that Israel is paying attention to the Houthi attacks. Iran puts on a brave face here, claiming that the “Zionists acknowledge” the power of the Houthis. That Iran can mobilize the Houthis against Israel has been known for years.

In January 2020, for instance, reports emerged that Iran had staged drones in Yemen that had a range that could put Israel in danger. Moreover, there have been increasing comments from the Houthis threatening Israel. The Houthis’ official slogans are “Death to Israel” and “Curse the Jews.” But that is rhetoric, and actual Houthi threats have emerged more recently.

The Houthis’ threats are backed up by their capabilities, including their long-range missiles and drones. Last year, a drone was used by Iran to attack a ship in the Gulf of Oman. Overall, the idea of Iran is to put in place a threat against shipping off the coast of Yemen and Oman. Iranian media spreads conspiracies about Israel’s interest in Yemen and about Israel-United Arab Emirates ties.