Iran: No nuclear deal until IAEA closes investigations


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Iran: No nuclear deal until IAEA closes investigations
Tehran denies making concessions on probes * Borrell says deal signatories waiting on US response
Published: AUGUST 23, 2022

A nuclear deal with Iran will not be implemented as long as the International Atomic Energy Agency continues to investigate undeclared nuclear sites, a spokesman for the Islamic Republic’s negotiating team said Tuesday. “No deal will be implemented before the IAEA Board of Governors PERMANENTLY closes the false accusations file,” Seyed Mohammad Marandi tweeted. “Iran’s nuclear program will not be dismantled,” he also wrote, even though that was not reported to be part of the deal.

The Iranian representative made the statement in response to a Reuters report that Iran had dropped its demand to close the probe. Iran did not comment on the IAEA investigation in its response to the latest draft of the nuclear deal, which it sent to the EU last week.