Iran media slams Al-Jazeera for reports of Iran nuke deal progress


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Iran media slams Al-Jazeera for reports of Iran nuke deal progress
Iran's Tasnim new criticized Al Jazeera's translation of quotes about the Iran Deal, saying that that they were inaccurate.
Published: MAY 22, 2022

Over the weekend, Al-Jazeera, which is based in Qatar, reported that the Iranian leadership was ready for some kind of compromise on the “Iranian nuclear file.” However, Iran’s Foreign Ministry then accused Al-Jazeera of mistranslating the remarks as part of some kind of propaganda. This matters because it shows how complex the Iran deal discussions continue to be and concerns in Iran that Iran’s position is being perceived as softening.

Tasnim News reported on Sunday that Qatari media has spread stories about how officials in Doha said that “the Iranian leadership told us they were ready for a compromise.” But Iranian media, close to the state, has said that “a simple look shows that this translation is completely flawed and mischievous and has been done for political purposes.” This is the gotcha moment for Tasnim News. It says Al-Jazeera has been playing politics. “Al-Jazeera did not quote the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in its news, but used the word “leadership,” which in diplomatic practice is interpreted as “authorities,” so its translation of the Supreme Leader of Iran is completely wrong.”

In fact Tasnim has dug into this story and discovered that Al-Jazeera used the wrong pronouns in its report. “The pronoun ‘they’ in the sentence also indicates that it does not mean an individual, but a group of officials.” This means that there is much discussion about the wording of the Qatari-based media and whether it is indeed trying to push false stories, even disinformation, about Iran.