Iran hit with four-year judo ban for ordering athletes to avoid Israelis


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Iran hit with four-year judo ban for ordering athletes to avoid Israelis
Judo’s international governing body cites ‘repeated and severe breaches’ of its statutes, highlighted by the case of judoka Saeid Mollaei
By Agencies and TOI staff
29 April 2021

Judo’s world body issued a four-year ban against the Iranian Judo Federation over Tehran’s demands that its athletes refuse to face Israeli opponents. The ban was backdated to begin in September 2019, when Iranian judoka and former world champion Saeid Mollaei left the Iranian team during the World Championship in Tokyo, saying he was ordered to throw matches and withdraw from competitions in order to avoid facing Israeli competitors. The International Judo Federation initially responded to the Iranian order with an open-ended ban on Iran’s team participating in international judo competitions. That initial ban was overturned in March by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

After an Iranian appeal of the initial suspension, the court found that the Iranian federation had “committed severe violations of the IJF rules” on discrimination and should be punished, but ruled that the international body overstepped its authority with the severity of the ban. It sent the case back to an IJF disciplinary panel for review. At the time, the Iranian federation hailed the lifting of its suspension as a “great legal and sporting victory,” and said it hoped the decision would lead to an “improvement” in relations with the International Judo Federation. The new four-year ban will expire on September 17, 2023.


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Ahahah they shouldn't have banned them , it would be funny if the Iranian athlete made a final against a jewish opponent and then just forfeited because of this.

That's up there for a DARWIN AWARD


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There is only one wrestling match I would like to view - in the Heavenly archives: The one between Jacob and God. Just curious about technique, trick moves, etc. Superficial stuff for the most part I guess.
“Superficial” characterizes many things Iranian. This Kung Fooey issue is so thin I can’t even think of anything insulting to say about it.