Iran fast-boats preventing towing of damaged Altair tanker

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iranian military fast-boats in the Gulf of Oman are preventing two privately owned tug boats from towing away an oil tanker damaged in attacks on Thursday, a U.S. official said on Friday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The U.S. official did not say how the United States knew of the reported standoff between the Iranian fast-boats and the tug boats, which were trying to tie up and tow away the Norwegian-owned Front Altair. The United States blames Iran for Thursday’s attacks against the Altair and the Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous.

Tehran denies the accusations.


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Although... do we definitively know where the crew of the Altair is right now?
The reports that I have heard state that one of the crews was picked up by the US.
The other crew was picked up by a neutral boat and then the Iranians confronted that neutral boat and demanded that the crew be given to them. Not having the resources to fight it out the crew was handed over to the Iranians.

Good luck getting those guys back.


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From Reuters:

OSLO (Reuters) - The crew of Frontline’s Front Altair comprised 11 Russian, one Georgian and 11 Philippine nationals who are unharmed following an explosion, Frontline said on Thursday.

“They were transferred to an Iranian navy vessel and disembarked at a local Iranian port. It is understood they are now being transferred to Bandar Abbas,” the company said in a statement to Reuters.

Source: Front Altair's crew unharmed and now in Iran: shipping firm


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Most international vessels are manned by Filipinos. I remember stories of sailors from our place who used to ply this route during the Persian Gulf war in the 90's and they recounted how they had to load and unload items praying that they won't get hit by oncoming rockets. Praying for their safety especially those who are bound this way. By the way, because they earn quite a bit to live comfortably, when we see a huge house go up we used to say, must be a seaman who owns it. lol
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