Iran could have 4 ‘crude’ nukes in 3 months – think tank


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Iran could have 4 ‘crude’ nukes in 3 months – think tank
“With this quantity, an enrichment level of 60% suffices to create a relatively compact nuclear explosive," Albright said.
Published: JUNE 1, 2022

Iran could have four “crude” nuclear bombs within three months if it decides to cross the nuclear threshold, the Institute for Science and International Security announced on Wednesday. This would not be the same as having full-fledged nuclear weapons, which could be delivered on a ballistic missile (that could take another six months to two years of development). But it is a more serious threat than the enriched uranium that Israel and others have faced from the Islamic Republic.

Timeline for a nuclear Iran

A position paper by the think tank’s David Albright and Sarah Burkhard said that for one “crude” bomb, Iran’s breakout timeline is essentially already zero.


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I guess eventually someone who claims that Iran will have nukes in 2 weeks, or a month, or two will be right. We'll probably know after they've used or attempted to use one.