Iran conducts air defense drill over nuclear power plant


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Iran conducts air defense drill over nuclear power plant
Some media outlets reported earlier that anti-aircraft fire had been heard in the area.
Published: DECEMBER 20, 2021

Iran said on Monday that sounds heard near its Bushehr nuclear power plant were related to an air defence drill, Iranian state media reported, while warning that Tehran would give a "crushing response" to any Israeli attack. "This air defence exercise took place at 5 a.m. (0130 GMT) with full preparation and coordination with the armed forces," Bushehr's deputy governor Mohammadtaqi Irani told Iranian state media. Some media outlets reported earlier that anti-aircraft fire had been heard in the area.

Earlier this month, Iranian authorities said air defences had fired a missile as part of a military drill after state media reported a large explosion above the central town of Natanz, which houses Iran's main nuclear facility. Iran has accused Israel of several attacks on facilities linked to its nuclear program, including the one in April at the Natanz site, and of killing its nuclear scientists, over the past years. Israel has neither denied nor confirmed the allegations.



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“Crushing response”!
A minor point, but ever notice the comic book melodrama of Iranian tough talk? If they want to intimidate verbally, matter of fact statements regarding their readiness along with making good on those statements would get more attention. Instead, they remind me of Marvel comics exclamations: “Zap!”, “Pow!”, “Whump!!”. They use long apocalyptic diatribes: “We will feed the carcasses of the infidels to the vultures! Their lands will become deserts of burning sulfur!”, etc.
On the other hand, some shudder when they speak because they occasionally blow up stuff.
Even more comical would be threats of any kind from America given our current state of paralysis:
“We have mighty naval warships ready at a moment’s notice to exit their Wokeness PowerPoint presentations and search for their battle stations.”
“We have powerful ICBMs that have rusted in their silos for decades, with almost no incidents of rodent infestation.”
“As our massive planes escape, the crews will open the hatches of our onboard toilets.”
Maybe we ought to stick with “Condemn”and “Deplore”.


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Well their mighty air drill will provide plausible deniability when the almost inevitable Israeli attack blows something up. They can tell the world, hey what you lookin' at???? WE MEANT TO DO THAT! It was our mighty air drills at work, crushing Israel every time. Quit lookin' at us! Nuthin' to see here, move along now!