Iran claims Mossad agents were caught trying to blow up 'sensitive site'


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Iran claims Mossad agents were caught trying to blow up 'sensitive site'
Iranian officials claimed Mossad agents entered the country through the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Published: JULY 24, 2022

The Iranian Noor News agency claimed on Sunday that Mossad agents who the Iranian Intelligence Ministry had claimed on Saturday had been caught in the country were trying to blow up a "sensitive site" in Isfahan in central Iran.

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced on Saturday that it had caught a network of Mossad agents who were in contact with other agents in a "neighboring country" and had entered Iran from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The ministry claimed that the network was planning to carry out "unprecedented acts of sabotage and terrorist operations by using the most up-to-date operational and communication equipment and the most powerful explosives." The ministry added that additional information would be announced later on.

On Sunday, Noor News reported that the network entered Iran a few months ago through Kurdistan and aimed to blow up a "sensitive center" in Isfahan.



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If this is true..the people caught weren't Mossad.. it's the only spy organization that gets in does it's job and gets out long before anyone knows they've been there..they are that good and that professional..