Iran claims: Israel has no response to our new missile


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Iran claims: Israel has no response to our new missile
Iran announces plans to increase the range of its "Fateh" missile, which currently has a range of 1,400 km.
By Dalit Halevi

The commander of the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said that the range of the "Fateh" missile, which now reaches a range of 1,400 km, will soon be increased.

Speaking at a ceremony in which the missile was unveiled and which was attended by President Ebrahim Raisi, Hajizadeh said that Iran is the fourth country in the world that has developed the technological ability to produce missiles that are capable of changing course on their way to their target.

In light of the maneuverability of the Iranian hypersonic missile, he added, there is currently no anti-aircraft system capable of intercepting it in flight.



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How about throw a bunch of 1" diameter ball bearings in its path. It can't miss them cause it can't see them. When it hits the bearing it will punch a bunch of holes in the heat shield. Now that missile can burn up from its speed.

I am reminded that whatever hits the missile is going faster than than missile itself.

Not a physics major, but isnt it speed X mass equals kinetic energy. A mass of 1/4 inch bb's or cloud of tiny darts will shred whatever is heading your way.

The goal here is the timing of defensive burst, and proper trajectory to intercept.

Hypersonic liability is: maneuverability is zero, speed is everything.

And perhaps this is where AI has had its deepest investment.
Starting with CIWS on naval ships, the time from detection to intercept is seconds and is far too fast for human response.
By automating and allowing the 'system' to manage the fight, your survivability is greatly increased.

I believe one of the goals of ABM systems is to be so fast and accurate it makes nuke missiles obsolete. It does look like Iron Dome is getting close to that objective.

Yet anything built by man can fail, which would cause you to think of how incredible the deliverance of God would be, IF you could but perceive it.