Iran boasts of overcoming US pressure, increasing naval power


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Iran boasts of overcoming US pressure, increasing naval power
The reports come as Iran is positioning itself to gain from new ties with Saudi Arabia and its increasing arms trade with Russia, as well as close work with China.

Iran’s head of the IRGC Hossein Salami said this week that Iran has overcome US-led sanctions and that the more pressure it is subjected to, the more Iran will eventually “respond” to this pressure. He made the reference during a speech that was reported in Iranian pro-regime media.

Among his several points was that Iran has become stronger despite the sanctions imposed on it. He claims that years of sanctions made Iran invest in its satellite program and energy infrastructure and large construction projects. We sent all kinds of satellites into the sky,” he said.

The report comes as Iran has also put out an extensive report about the operations of its naval vessels. Iran is seeking to send its naval vessels on longer voyages. The report mentions attempts by Iran to confront both the US and Israel over the last several years and it also talks about ties with Russia, and confrontations with pirates.