Iran believes it has Israel on the run


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Iran believes it has Israel on the run
Iran is coordinating with Hezbollah, Hamas to target Israel after drone attack on tanker off Oman.
AUGUST 7, 2021

Iran believes it has been able to outplay Israel in the last week following Tehran’s drone attack on the Mercer Street ship. When tensions rose with the US, UK and Israel after the attack, Iran shifted the frontline to Lebanon and Gaza, targeting Israel with rockets last week. When Israel responded, Iranian-backed Hezbollah fired more than 10 rockets from southern Lebanon at Israel on Friday. What we are seeing is a multi-front conflict in which Tehran shows it can heat up the Lebanon front, the Syrian front, Gaza and areas off the coast of Oman, like playing a piano in which each key is a threat to Israel.

Iran has been messaging about this for a week via media like Al-Alam TV, which claimed that the drone attack on the ship off Oman’s coast was a response to an Israeli airstrike near Qusayr, Syria. Iran’s Press TV also ran an article by Elijah Magnier noting how Iran is now making the commercial sea lanes a quagmire for Israel. He also asked: “Will Israel stop playing and breaking its teeth in the ‘Axis of the Resistance’ playground?”