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Does anyone hear own an IPod? I have a question ...
I have ITunes on my computer and I can pick up radio stations from the States ... I just found out today I get Radio Disney! :lol: :pound:
Can you get the radio on an IPod? I would love to listen to Radio Disney and not have to be sitting infront of my computer to do it. If you can listen to the radio on an IPod it would be the icing on the cake ... I've wanted to buy an IPod for a very long time.
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Not that I know of... but you can buy a satellite radio (XM/Sirius). The downside is that it costs a monthly subscription. But it does get Radio Disney and there are a couple of Christian stations on it. Plus it is commercial-free. They are about the size of a mobile phone, and if I remember correctly, you can download mp3's and whatnot to them, and you can listen online at your computer.

My wife travels all the time. I got her an iPod and she used it for a few months, but it is a bit of a hassle to constantly upload stuff to it. She's not travelling now, but when she gets back to it I'm going to get her one of the satellite radios.


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Thanks for the information. I don't think I'd like to pay a monthy fee for satellite radio, even if it would be worth it ...

It looks like I won't be getting an IPod anytime too soon, I spent my money on a Wii this evening. :lol: