iPhone 13 to be released in September!

First, I want to acknowledge those Christian souls in Afghanistan who have passed or are being persecuted. Jesus loves you, and we all know how the book ends for those persecuting them.

Also, for those people affected by Hurricane Ida, our prayers are with you.

Now for the title. I came across a YouTube video titled iPhone 13 coming in September, so I clicked it.

For those who may not be familiar with the Apple corporation’s evil history, take a look at the logo. A piece of fruit with a bite taken out of it.

That might not set off alarms for some, but take a look at the first computer they released. The Apple 1 computer was sold for $666.

Then I started to think that 13 is a number in the Bible with all sorts of evil meanings.

The number 13 is symbolic in the Bible of rebellion and lawlessness.

Here are the meanings of 13 in the Bible.


Since September is a high watch date for our Lord coming in the sky according to many Bible experts, I found it a little conspicuous that Apple is releasing and celebrating the number 13 in September, when the feast of trumpets begins.

I’ve tried not to be too conspiratorial, but I also believe that what’s called conspiracy is often truth they don’t want you talking about.

Satan has deceived this world so bad that we have to speak truth into it.

Tall Timbers

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I read an article that hinted that the new apple phone might come with the ability to link to satellites. That would make it a product that stands out if that's the case. I don't buy apple products. The reason is because I prefer more open platforms and lower prices or at least more bang for the buck.

Mama Bug

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I wonder how much it will cost. My husband and I have the iPhone 12, my daughter has the 11. We’re planning on upgrading my daughter’s and buying one for my son early next year. We like some things about the iPhone but some we don’t.


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There is actually someone out there who misses Blackberry?! :lol

Used to not even have a phone. I had a beeper signed out from work, so if you wanted to get hold of me you had to beep me and I'd go up to the corner and call back on the pay phone. Don't miss that setup.

Yes, miss it!!! My hubs used to have a pager so loan clients could reach him. Then he got one of the original oversized "car phones." Good times.


I am still using the 6s. Heh, as long it keeps working for me I am fine with it.
I'm on a 6. It cant do new apps, but it's fine.

Bought a cheap Samsung pay-as-you-go phone to use as an mp3 player, and use that for all the tv apps at night. I no likey the android. Apple is simple, like my brain.

Edit: Samsung b/c they are expandable to 512gb w/ an sd card. Way cheaper doing it that way, and more storage, if anyone is looking for mp3 player options.