Introducing myself


Hi all. I've visited this site regularly for years now. I finally decided to join. I look forward to interacting with you like minded believers.

I believe the Bible teaches a pre trib rapture and I trust in Christ alone for salvation. His death and resurrection. I believe that salvation is permanent, the moment you believe.

I appreciate this sites stance on Calvinism and Lordship salvation. Those doctrines are twisting God's word and really throwing believers off track and probably keeping some unsaved people from coming to Christ.

Anyway I just figured I'd tell you all a little about myself. Thanks for reading.


Welcome. So how has the Spirit been prodding you?
I'm not sure. I've got a wife and 5 small kids whom we homeschool or will be when they're old enough. Just doing my best to be the spiritual leader, husband and father in this darkening world.
Glad you're one of the crazy Christians the world will be talking about once our Lord says "Come up here!" Woop, woop
Thanks me too. My main frustration is balancing my desire to plan and take steps for my family's future. Yet at the same time seeing everything breaking down and getting closer to the rapture and tribulation.

Of course I'll always take care of my family in every way possible but it's hard not to see any future planning steps as futile.

Don't get me wrong though I'm ready and excited to meet Christ in the air at anytime.


Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
Homeschooling is a great endeavor.
We had 3 we homeschooled. One is now an atheist, one an agnostic/catholic/blend of something, one was recently baptized with a Bible based fellowship.

Smother your schooling with compassion and Truth interrupted frequently with prayer.