Interesting about an article "Nostradamus' predicitons for 2021"


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This is very interesting, however, not perfect prophecy. Only True God perfect Prophecy.

Here is article:

French philosopher Michel de Nôtre-Dame, most known as Nostradamus, is one of the most famous characters of history thanks to his not-so-happy prophecies, which are written in his book “Les Prophéties,” a collection of poetic quatrains.

Last year, his name also appeared in the news as the Internet was sure he predicted the Covid-19 pandemic and other natural disasters. So, as the year almost comes to an end, let’s see which of his prophecies for 2021, according to the New York Post, came… True? Judge for yourself.

Not always believe what he believed. Only true God's Word alway believe.

but interesting story.
While it may seem cruel, a prophet in ancient Israel who was wrong even one time, was to be put to death. A true prophet is right one hundred percent of the time.

Also, Nostradamus's quatrains/predictions were so incredibly vague, that anyone with a bit of imagination but lacking in discernment could easily see a correlation of one of his prophecies with almost any event in history.

I am tempted to tell you that Nostradamus was a fraud, but strictly speaking, he lived so long ago and in a culture that one could only truly understand if they owned a time machine and went back in time to and stay there for several years. So basically, my judgement is that Nostradamus was a sincere man. But he also a very wrong man.

However, I am always willing to be wrong if that results in me becoming wiser. So, if you have any examples that you believe to be strong evidence for the legitimacy of Nostradamus's prophesies, please point them out to me (I actually own a book of Nostradamus's complete prophecies, so all you need to give me is directions on how to look into them. While skeptical, I promise to research whatever you send me in GOOD faith and won't belittle you if I come to a different conclusion.
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