Intelligence Ministry ‘concept paper’ proposes transferring Gazans to Egypt’s Sinai


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Intelligence Ministry ‘concept paper’ proposes transferring Gazans to Egypt’s Sinai
Prime Minister’s Office plays down document as hypothetical, non-binding document, though Netanyahu reported to be lobbying EU governments to pressure Egypt to take in refugees
By Amy Teibel, AP and ToI Staff

Israel acknowledged Monday that one of its ministries drafted a wartime proposal to transfer the Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million people to Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, drawing condemnation from the Palestinians and worsening tensions with Cairo.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office played down the report compiled by the Intelligence Ministry as a hypothetical exercise — a “concept paper.” But its conclusions deepened long-standing Egyptian fears that Israel wants to make Gaza into Egypt’s problem, and revived for Palestinians memories of their greatest trauma — the uprooting of hundreds of thousands of people who fled or were forced from their homes during the fighting surrounding Israel’s creation in 1948.

“We are against transfer to any place, in any form, and we consider it a red line that we will not allow to be crossed,” Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said of the report. “What happened in 1948 will not be allowed to happen again.”


Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Although current political maps reflect Sinai belonging to Egypt, it is, in fact, part of Israel.
There are numerous Biblical sites and early Church sites in and adjacent to the Sinai (Red Sea, etc.)
Currently, the Multinational Forces and Observers (MFO), NOT UN, monitors, observes, reports compliance and (to both Israel and Egypt), and provides security in the Sinai in accordance with the Camp David Accords of 1979. The U.S. is one of several participating countries.

Serving with the MFO was by far my favorite assignment as a Soldier :smile

Given the terrain, allowing Gazans, which would include terrorists, into Sinai would be an absolute disaster for Israel, Egypt, the Bedouin, the U.S., and the whole region. Just from infrastructure and humanitarian considerations, such an influx would cause horrible suffering on a massive scale, water and sanitation being the biggest issues. From a tactical and strategic perspective, think Afghanistan, but with sea access, numerous tourist attractions and accommodations (terrorism and kidnapping), religious sites, millions of mines from which to extract explosives or simply reuse the mines as mines or as IEDs with different initiators and emplacement, critical international waterways (Gulf of Eilat/Straits of Tiran and Suez Canal), some of the best SCUBA in the world, fragile ecology, etc.