Insane - Lil Nas X are releasing shoe dedicated to satan.

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It's amazing how bold the Satanists are in unmasking themselves now. The Satanic shoes are bad enough, but a recent video put out by this 'artist' (Lil Nas X) is even worse. I am having a hard time trying to think of a way to describe it without sounding indecent. I'll just say it portrays an intimate relationship between the rapper and Satan. From what I have read, Lil Nas X brags about his influence with children. I am beyond horrified to think of how many innocent minds are being perverted by this filth. With all my heart I pray for Jesus to return soon, before the next generation of our children is completely indoctrinated with Satan's agenda.
I can't believe this!!!! I have never seen the video and never plan on it either but that is just SICK!!!!!!! I pray for my generation as well as the younger ones since so many people my age and younger look up to people like them and the parents allow there kids to listen and watch music videos of a lot of today's singers that act out like him as well as Nicki Minaj beyoncé Miley Cyrus etc etc and it just makes me Sick and so angry I WANT OUT OF THIS SICK WORLD!!!!!!!



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Just saw today's report that the lawsuit Nike entered into with MSCHF has been settled. So the shoes are being recalled.

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I have not read through the entire thread, apologies if it has been brought up. But to to get the blood out of the shoes you are supposed to take a nail and drive it through them. Me and Eric watched a video on them and it was an insane amount of blapshemy. I would really, really hate to be that man.