Infinite Genders? Viral Video Reveals Scary Ideology Infiltrating College Campuses


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Mark 10:6 says that in the beginning, God created human beings "male and female." But nowadays, people think there are multiple genders—some even say infinite! That may shock you, but the progressive gender indoctrination on college campuses is so strong, it's hard to find students who don't agree with it.
To prove that point, PragerU's Will Witt interviewed several students from UC Berkeley, asking them a simple question: "How many genders do you think there are?" Most of the students said there is an infinite number of genders. One said 72, to be precise. But when Witt pressed them to share what those genders were, the students couldn't name much more than male and female.
The video, which came out earlier this month, has since gone viral. As of this writing, the video has 1.4 million views on the PragerU website and over 600,000 views on YouTube.
The fact that the video has gone viral is less surprising when you realize just how widespread this ideology is. Witt tells me on the "Strang Report" podcast that this kind of thinking regarding gender is happening in college campuses all over the country.

"It goes to show the brainwashing that is happening in this country, when you have these students to believe this ideology that there are all these different genders and it's all on a spectrum, but then when asked to name them, they can't even name any more," Witt says. "Their convictions go an inch deep. They're very shallow."
Witt believes the attempt to deconstruct gender goes back to socialist and Marxist ideologies, which are not belief systems that are very family-oriented. The hippies of the 1970s and '80s became college professors, he says: "By saying that you can be pretty much whatever gender you want and destroying the meaning of man and woman, they are discrediting what America is all about. It's horrible what's happening."
Witt makes it clear that he doesn't think the students he interviewed were stupid by any means. On the contrary, he said the interviews served as examples of what happens when leftist ideology is allowed to run academia.
"It's seeping into culture on all levels," he says. "This is why the political convictions of those students are so shallow. It's because they've only been given a snippet of this. And they're told that if they don't believe this dogma, then they are transphobic or bigots. But they don't actually do a lot of research to better understand what it's all about."
Unfortunately, those who decidedly don't agree with that transgender ideology are often too afraid to speak up for the very reason Witt mentioned. They're told that if they don't agree that gender is a social construct that should be left to the individual to decide, they are transphobic bigots.

That's why people like Witt are a rarity. He actually dropped out of college to work for PragerU and stand up for his conservative values. He says he meets conservatives all the time who are too scared to say anything in defense of their beliefs. But what if we all decided not to be afraid anymore? What if we chose to speak the truth in love and graciously defend what we know to be true?
I think the results would be strong enough to transform our dying nation.


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Wow!!! Double :thumbup!! Crystal clear truth. So let's stand up and proclaim it and not be afraid of what our "intellectual" friends, neighbours and coworkers may think of us. Are we not to be the salt of the earth? Salt purifies and preserves. Let's be salty!


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It's hard for normal thinkers to understand the logic of illogical thinkers. People who are mentally ill do not think the same as well people.

There are only two genders, male and female. Because no matter what you look like, how you dress, what surgeries you may have had, what you desire to be, you are and will always be the gender you were born. And no, you were not born the wrong gender. If you have a penis, you are a man. If you cut off your penis you are still a man.


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Virtue signaling at its finest right here...people are so scared to be "politically incorrect" that they become fools---any medical book shows two different genders...male and female; plus humans can only procreate through male/female. I don't get it...liberals are all evolutionists, yet I don't see infinite genders in the animal kingdom. It is truly Satanic, to decry what God created and start inventing things that never existed. It is like the Dr. Seuss nightmare of inventing words for every aberration and wanting to be seen as "different" but also wanting to be seen as "normal"....