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Not sure of where it needs to go, so if not here please move. Felt it needed to be seen more since something good, so that’s why I didn’t put in sports.
Wanted to share this news story of something incredible and something joyful. In this evil world it’s a nice change to see something else. Watch the video as link is at end.

Foul ball pop-up heads into the stands — directly at a man bottle-feeding an infant. What happens next is nothing short of incredible.

Video footage of a foul ball flying into the stands at a recent game between the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres has gone viral after a man bottle-feeding an infant deftly caught the ball — all while avoiding spilling a single drop of milk.

What are the details?

The now-viral foul ball came rushing at spectator Jacob Kingsley while he was bottle-feeding his child during Tuesday night's game at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Video captured the moment the ball flew at Kingsley as he held the baby in his arms. Kingsley could be seen ever so slightly leaning out of his seat and putting up his free hand to catch the ball — never once flinching or disrupting the child's feeding time.

What is being said about this?

Kingsley told Bally Sports that he saw the ball and immediately went into protection mode.

"Safety first, obviously," he told reporter Jim Day. "I saw the ball pop up and just wanted to keep him happy and so did my best to protect him at the same time. I reached a hand up, had some fierce competition, but it ended up happening great, but baby first."

Kingsley added that the heroic save coincided with his infant son's very first Reds game.

"He probably didn't even know what was happening, but this will be a great memory to share with him," he told Day. "It's his first Reds game and so we have the certificate there, too."

Kingsley's wife, Jordan, said that she was proud of her husband's actions.

"He took the job seriously," she gushed. "Baby's happy, I'm happy, and I'm just impressed."

The Cincinnati Reds shared the moment on the team's Twitter page, where they captioned the clip, "Catching a foul ball while bottle-feeding the baby... just dad things."

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times at the time of this reporting.

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He seemed to be level headed the whole time and it was probably safer for him to catch it in case the guy in front of him to whom the ball was coming missed it and it kept going. Or he could have moved to his right towards the empty seats to ensure the safety of the child. Glad it turned out well.