In what condition do you carry?


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And a skill that some of us never quite master. There's no way I could shoot the gun over my shoulder and hit the target in the forehead exactly between the eyes the way those movie stars do... That's one reason why I liked (notice past tense) my super blackhawk with a 10 1/2 barrel... but it's too heavy for me now.
Reminds me of that scene from The Three Amigos. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it. I have NEVER been a trick shot. I only consider myself above average and, most importantly, competent and consistent. Now, if you sit me down at a bench with my custom 10/22 and a bipod... that's another story. :)


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Thanks again for the detailed information. Will say hello!
Oh, one other thing. The SIG P365 also has another "advantage" in that you can get it with a safety if that is your style. I personally prefer it without one (I won't go into the details about why I am not a fan of safeties (except on SA only 1911s)), but if it is your preference, the option is available. Also, there is a P365 variant that is a little larger that has an optics mount that you might find useful. OK, I'm done. lol.


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Condition 0 - mostly carry P365. I’m a huge SIG fan, although my boss has gotten me to start looking at CZ’s.


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Actually, this is the "safer" option in most people's opinions in that, beside putting more energy into the target, it lessens the chance of over penetration. At least ideally.

I just remember reading that the guy who assassinated John Lennon hit him with five hollow-tipped bullets. Hollow tips do some real damage in a target.


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Condition 1, the reason being that an assailant may jump you and you might have one hand busy blocking the attack and no time to rack a slide.


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I've answered this before, but since I haven't seen it lately I will consider this a bump and just rehash what I said before.

When I carry, the magazine is full and there is one in the chamber. The guns I carry these days are basically based on the Glock "quick action" design. This is sort of a way to have your cake and eat it too. I love 1911s, but I don't use one for personal, regular use. But that design is interesting because you can have it fully cocked with a hair trigger installed, but the thumb safety prevents most unintentional discharges. That is great and all, but it

1) Deprives you of a second or two to disengage the safety (assuming you are focused enough to think about it in a time of stress)

2) It trains your mind to be potentially lazy and might produce a mindset that is not consistent with a rigid embrace of proper gun safety. Another way to say this is that, a responsible gun owner IS THE SAFETY, or should be. A good gun owner will never rely completely on a mechanical safety.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't also point out that in the case of rifles and shotguns, a safety IS useful, and not just useful, but almost mandatory. A topic for another time.


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I have a 9mm that I recently started carrying in public. I carry at condition #3 mostly because I'm traveling with young children and am also irrationally worried about an accidental discharge. My brother carries at condition #0 but I'm just not comfortable with that. Any thoughts on my fears about accidentally shooting myself? And yes- my brother has told me I'm irrationally worried :lol


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I have a Taurus PT92. I don't carry it at the moment-- it's a little big for most concealed positions. But if I do carry it, I will carry it in what the chart calls condition 2 ... but, given the fact it is DA/SA, then without engaging any safety I consider that condition 0 with this pistol. My reasoning is the same as that of Bryan Black of Imminent Threat Solutions who says: "I carry my SigSauer P225 ... in condition two as the chart goes, but to me this is condition zero. This is because I don’t have to worry about cocking a hammer with the double action pull and there’s no manual safety to remove to fire."


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Condition 1. Ruger SR1911 .45ACP or Browning 1911 .380

I prefer the Ruger, but the Browning .380 is perfect for summer, and can be carried in front pants pocket.


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Condition (-1) Actively firing two automatic weapons randomly as I step out of car. Helps with parking and avoiding muggers.
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