“In His Religion a Girl Could Marry an Adult Male from the Age of Nine”


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“In His Religion a Girl Could Marry an Adult Male from the Age of Nine”
“Joman sexually assaulted her at least weekly at a mosque in Leeds”
By Daniel Greenfield

Since Andrew Tate is back in the news, it may be a good idea to remember what is considered normative sexual behavior in Islam. Just another typical story from the United Kingdom.

Three brothers have gone on trial accused of grooming and sexually exploiting underage girls in Barrow-in-Furness.

The Miah brothers – Joman, 37; Amran, 47; and Alman, 46 – are originally from Beeston in Leeds, where Joman and Amran are also accused of indecently assaulting two girls from the age of six and seven.

One of the girls claimed Joman sexually assaulted her at least weekly at a mosque in Leeds, where he taught the Qur’an and she was his pupil. She was aged seven to nine at the time, and Joman was 17 to 19.

Opening the prosecution case on Friday, the barrister Tim Evans said the girl was picked up from school in her uniform each day by Joman. He would take her to Iesha’s, where they would have sex most days, either on the sofa or in a bed.

About five months into their relationship, Joman allegedly began taking her to have sex in a Barrow hotel, the Gables, sneaking her in late at night when no one was on reception. A witness to their relationship thought the girl was “head over heels in love with Saj”, the court heard.

This is why in India, they call it the ‘Love Jihad’, in the UK, it’s grooming, Andrew Tate has his own spin on it, but it’s fundamental to Islam in areas where they do not yet exercise full control.

A fourth woman, who accuses Amran (also known as Jai) of raping her, told police she saw “many young girls at the takeaway, some downstairs, some upstairs and others out the back”, Evans told the court.

She told detectives she challenged Joman about his inappropriate relationship with her friend. “He replied that he was doing nothing wrong and that in his religion a girl could marry an adult male from the age of nine,” Evans said.

That is Islamic. It’s the religious law and value system that Muslims are taught to abide by based on the most ‘perfect man’ who ever lived.



Its all about Jesus and your relationship with Him
Liberals will garner from every faith to invent excuses for debauchery.

But then that is often the condition of every sinner: make an excuse.

Forgive us Lord when we even think shameful things. May we strive to abide in You, knowing and doing Your commands.


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The individuals in power, both elected and unelected, knew exactly what they were doing and what the results would be when they decided to flood western countries with islamists.
This tactic is designed to create chaos. It is right out of the socialist playbook, Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. One of Obama's and Hillary's favorite authors. I would say the book was inspired by Satan and comes from the pit of Hades.