Images of women vandalized in Kabul as Taliban rule takes hold


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Images of women vandalized in Kabul as Taliban rule takes hold
Ads have been defaced on shops such as once-banned beauty parlors, which proliferated in Afghan capital after US toppling of Islamists in 2001
By David Fox and Sean GLEESON
19 August 2021

KABUL, Afghanistan (AFP) — Images of women have been covered up or vandalized on storefronts around Kabul, a sign of the Afghan capital’s rapidly changing face in the days since the Taliban took charge. The new regime’s fighters took control of the city on Sunday after a lightning offensive that saw the former government’s provincial strongholds around the country topple like dominoes in a matter of days.

The advance was outpaced only by the anxiety coursing through areas yet to fall under their control, from Afghans fearing a repeat of the infamously harsh treatment meted out to women by the last period of Taliban rule. In the two decades since the US-led invasion that ousted that administration in 2001, hundreds of once-forbidden beauty parlors have proliferated around Kabul. They have plied a trade in makeup and manicures, serving a clientele of women who had grown up compelled to keep every inch of their body hidden from public view.