I'm back again but would like to share...


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It's been awhile since I've been here and I should, and will, give a big apology to all those I've grown to "know" here on this forum for being away for so long. I have missed it.

Yesterday, I turned 60 yrs old. And what a day it was!!

Started out the day with a flat tire on my assigned trailer. That made me late for my first delivery. But, the folks at that place I was going to could care less. They are a good bunch of people just - they need Jesus!

Driving through traffic for the day I KNEW that someone had put a sign on my truck or trailer or both that said HIT ME! I've always thought, why would people choose to pull out in front of a coming vehicle that is 10 to 15 times BIGGER in size and weight than they are? I'll never understand it.

Later, after work, I looked over the web for a bit and finally just had to shut it off. All the news about the Ebola so called out break. Everywhere! One would think, the way the major news networks were carrying on we're all going to be dead with Ebola within a week! Crazy.

ISIS still continuing it's rampage in the Middle East and the horrors going on with that. Plus, the horrible lack of actual response by our current administration. Sad, to say the least.

Ran across several articles of Christians being blasted from every corner. The blasting of the liberal public against Christians is on the rise in ways the turn your stomach.

Finally, as I said, I just had to shut if off and go on with a quiet evening with the wife at home. Lord, I thought, so much going on these days. As I was settling down for the night, getting ready for bed, the Lord just quietly reminded me in my heart, He's still there, still in charge, and things are going according to plan. A peaceful "rest" He poured over me that was a blessing after such a messed up day. I could have spent the day beating myself up because of things I should have done, things I should NOT have done, so many things I could have done different, but I didn't. I just gave it all to the Lord. He was still there none the less.

Going to bed I simply said, I'll never see my name on the headlines of news papers, I'll never see my name in lights at some great opening in Hollywood, never see my name mentioned as some great hero, nor hear my name mentioned as the man of the year, richest man in the world, or anything that will make any notice of me what so ever! But, what I DO have Lord, is my name written in your Book of Life, with YOUR blood, securing my place to come in the Father's house for all of eternity!! I rested with the simple thought, WHAT MORE DO I NEED??? If my God is for me who can be against me??

So, I settled with the simple thought, I may be a "nobody" to the world, but to my Jesus, I AM EVERYTHING!! And for that, I praise His name!!


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Mike, first off, WELCOME HOME!!!:yeah:

Secondly, I'm sorry that those in rowboats don't know to make way for larger vessels (my father was a long distance truck driver, I've seen more than my fair share of excellent driving on the side of the truck driver).

What an excellent testimony, one that's sorely needed right about now...we're having our share of sorrows, but trying to hold together here while we wait out the (ever increasing) storm. You're absolutely right, we're something to someone, but not here. Here, we're hated beyond words by those who are "tolerant". It's not us they hate, it's God, but we're His, so...

We're so grateful to have you back with us...hope you stay!:hug


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Good to hear from you Brother.
Thanks for sharing that powerful testimony.
And thank you Lord for blessing our brother Mike
with a peace that surpasses all understanding. :pray:


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Thank you Lord Mike is back!
:wave Welcome back brother! Mike, I (we at RF) have missed you so much :hug
Yep the world is coming apart at the seams. Isn't it wonderful we are secure with the Lord. Praise God, He will not and can not fail us!


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Mike glad you're back.

I doubt that I ever had the opportunity to help you, but I do my best.

After spending many years driving in all kinds of traffic I notice that most truck drivers are polite and really try not to take advantage of their size. Year ago I was driving in the right hand lane of the expressway. A car cut from the middle lane to my lane without signalling and I had to hit the brakes and use part of the shoulder to miss him. There was a truck in the middle lane behind me that apparently saw the whole thing and took offense to it. The middle lane was moving faster than the right lane so he go his cab and part of his trailer in front of the offending car. Then he swung into the right hand lane. That car got to pull over on the shoulder.

Since then I always block for trucks that want to change lanes. I will get in the lane that he wants to go to and block traffic and signal with my lights when it is ok for him to get over. They always thank me. Nice. Thank you for hauling stuff for me!

God Bless truck drivers!:pray:


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God Bless truck drivers!:pray:

:nod Everything we lay hands on was delivered by truck to the store.
My father was a truck driver and my husband is one. It's often a thankless
job so it's nice when someone appreciates them. Thanks Carl. Lord, thank
you for truckers. :pray:

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:yeah: MikeD so glad to hear the awesome GOOD NEWS :yeah: you be back with us here I should tell you how special TRuck Drivers are Blessed :((
I will share that awesome story some day about how God can use any one he wants to to get a message to some one yes a truck driver :(( as far as I can discern MikeD the man I clearly had a incredible dream about who was a truck driver was sure enough called or possibly chosen which is up to God to decide :(( and I got the message delivered to a not so rank stranger that showed up to unload a load of goods from his truck :(( I have since then reckoned that :thinking: God does work in mysterious ways :(( I do not know precise what it is God intends to use this truck driver to do , what I do know is that God hand selected him and sure enough he gave up his former contract :(( so Ive not seen or kept touch like when it happened

yet I know that God has a plan and another job for him and he was also sure of that after just a ordinary day making an ordinary delivery and then got an extraordinary message all from a dream that was incredible :((

I must confess however :lol: the nighest Ive ever come to loosing consciencousness and hitting the floor like a ton of brick was when a dream took on flesh and showed up in person :waaa:

I reckoned since that God can do anything he needs done and choose ordinary folks unseen unheard of or who so ever , cause I am a nobody for real yet it never hindered God in the least when he wanted one Christian to deliver a message to another and neither of us knew the other , makes no sense logically ,yet God pays no mind to human logic he just does what he does

glad to share the testimony of that truck driver and tell you MikeD you never ever know , if God is a minded to he can do incredible things so do not ever minimize being a truck driver I think often where and what one former truck driver is doing yet I am sure God is being God wherever James is or whatever he is doing it is for God


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All of us, Mike, may never be seen as a hero in the world's eyes. But a willful heart of faith will always have us seen as a hero in the Lord's eyes!


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Welcome back, bro! :hug All us other "nobody's" missed you. :nod
I believe you said it best, "I may be a "nobody" to the world, but to my Jesus, I AM EVERYTHING!! And for that, I praise His name!!"


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Having your name written in The Book Of Life is the Greatest claim to fame!! Even Jesus said so. :nod

Happy belated Birthday =)


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I thank you all for your warm comments. I do love it here and am glad to be a part of such an awesome group.

Just to add to the previous testimony, some time ago I had prayed to the Lord, I'm not really sure what You have called me for but, for now, all I can say is, I'm available Lord. For what I have no idea. I leave that up to you!

Well, did that ever start things going! Sharing with folks everywhere I go. Praying for people. Just being willing TO LISTEN! It is so awesome what the Holy Spirit can, and will do, thru us if we just make ourselves available!

As I've stated before, I don't consider myself much of anything. But the Lord let me know, just be ready to minister, AS I GO MY WAY! And boy, has He ever!

I can't help but believe, God is calling out to the body to get up, get moving, and get on with what we're called to do! He's looking for people NOT AFAID OF THE WORLD!! Besides, He's overcome the world and will do the same for us.

OK, enough for now. Thanks again for your warm words and I do appreciate it!!


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Welcome back Mike and thks for all those deliveries. Praying Gods care for you when you deliver. Awesome testimony . Our God is huge and to think He has each of us who are His children through Jesus Christ in His caring hands. What an awesome God we serve. Glory to His name.


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Welcome back, Mike. I missed you, but knew you were securely in God's hands. How wonderful to read your latest testimony and writes of exhortation and encouragement. I'll give you a call in the next week or so.


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Indeed we wished that all truck drivers knew Jesus, we have one of the most dangerous job in America. People don't realize that we have to pay attention to everything around us, and even though we are bigger than everyone else, people don't respect the truck and many decide to play chicken with us. You don't know how many times we have to back in from the main roads, simply because we can't get into a place and safely turn around, yet people still try to get behind you, or pass us on our blind side without realizing that we can't see them. Word of advice, if you ever find yourself driving near a tractor trailer, MAKE SURE HE SEES YOU.

God bless.