I'm a Newbie....


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That is awesome!!! Too cool. I used to live just a few blocks away from the CMA's Canadian Bible College in Regina, Saskatchewan and I have attended CMA churches over the years. I am Pentecostal by experience but most of my ministering is done in Baptist churches of various persuasions. Go figure.
LOL, I accuse our pastor of being Bapticostal!

Welcome Vince, to your family! We're so happy you've chosen to fellowship with us here!


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Hi my name is Vince as you can see from my screen name. Original huh..:D Here are some things to know about me.
I've been a Christian for 35yrs and the Lord has never Let me go.(Thank You Lord Jesus)
Went to Bible College in Nyack NY and studied Music :D
I am a Worship Leader in a small church in Denver Colorado.
I have a wonderful wife and 2 awesome daughters that are Volleyball fanatics.