Illegal Alien Killer Danelo Cavalcante is a Hero Back in Latin America


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Illegal Alien Killer Danelo Cavalcante is a Hero Back in Latin America
“I like to see Americans in bad shape”
By Daniel Greenfield

The media needs to find stories that play out like real-life dramas and the hunt for a killer provided that, but news reports carefully avoided mentioning that Danelo Cavalcante was an illegal alien, instead they kept referring to him as a “Pennsylvania man” or a “Pennsylvania prisoner.” In reality, he’s Brazilian.

Like any good ‘refugee’, he headed to America after committing a horrifying crime in his native country.

Cavalcante is an illegal alien who entered the country illegally. He fled to the United States because he was wanted in a 2017 homicide in his native Brazil. Prosecutors contend that he killed Brandao after she learned of that slaying and threatened to go to authorities.

One murder brought on another. We took Brazil’s murder problem in and got a murder on our own soil. And a life sentence plus an extended manhunt.

Do you want to guesstimate the costs for this one illegal alien? A murder case alone would be in the millions. Combine that with the escape and the life sentence and we’re lucky if he only costs $100 million.

And there’s a whole family of these people here.

While Cavalcante was avoiding police, Bivens said his sister, Eleni Cavalcante, was captured by ICE and may be deported over “some immigration issues.”

And he’s a hero back home.

Danilo Cavalcante’s battle with U.S. law enforcement has fascinated communities across Latin America, a new report from The Washington Post suggests

A number of people the newspaper interviewed across several countries said they were able to separate Cavalcante’s crimes — he was sentenced to life in prison last month after stabbing ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao to death — and his newfound status as a “cult hero” for sticking a thorn in the side of U.S. authorities. “I like to see Americans in bad shape,” one man in Cavalcante’s native Brazil told the Post. “It has the fun of a soap opera,” another said of the saga.

The moment we close our borders and get these people out of our country, we’ll be in better shape.


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I like to be in America
No jail for me in America
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Justice has failed in America.

parody of West Side Story, but it applies to everyone running amuck in this nation

Victim stabbed 38 times. This murderer should have met Ready Kilowatt instead of a paltry K-9 bite.

Governments are to be a terror to evil, not a repository for it.

But in a Republic like ours, we have what we educate our masses to do and vote for.

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It always bugs me in movies and mystery books I read when someone tells the bad guy that they are going to tell the police, without considering they are making themselves the next victim. Keep your mouth shut and only tell the authorities. It's as stupid as the government announcing what the military's next target is going to be during a war, or during what should be a secret mission. Loose lips sink ships.
Back to the article, he might have killed her anyway, but she, in essence, put the bullets in the gun.