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@Milly_Light, I am so thankful you began this thread before you made a terrible error that would have dragged you into Satan's abyss of confusion and corruption.

I can tell you that the very premise of Ms. Mendez-Ferrell's book has no Scriptural foundation whatsoever. To get to her premise, she distorts the meaning of Scripture, adding her interpretation as to what it means. Her main premise is two-fold:
  1. She says that some people are unable to receive salvation because Satan is holding their soul captive in spiritual places. Ms Mendez-Ferrell even goes so far as to describe these regions of Satanic captivity as "prisons, pits and turbid currents of muddy waters." What she does not really explain is how part of a person (we are all tri-partite beings: body, soul, and spirit) can be separated out and taken away somewhere yet the person remain alive;
  2. In order to rescue someone like that, Ms. Mendez-Ferrell says she prophetically enters the spiritual place to set that person free from Satan's bondage. Hogwash! None of that is in Scripture. The only person who ever entered Satan's realm and set the captives free was Jesus Christ and He did it once for all time for all people!
Ms. Mendez-Ferrell is a schizophrenic who had her children taken from her, spent years under psychiatric care, including confinement to a psych hospital. I do not repeat that (though she herself says it) in order to taint her, but to give some context to why she perhaps sees the things she sees and believes the things she believes. According to the introduction to her book, she says that when her twin sister Mercedes was taken to hospital apparently suffering from three brain tumors, Ms. Mendez-Ferrell began a journey into the spiritual realm , the climax of which was that with the help of good angels she was able to rescue some missing pieces of her sisters soul being held by Satan, carry them to the hospital, and reintegrate them into her sister who was healed.

If you feel as if you just went down the rabbit hole with Alice, you are not alone!

Reading part of her book, it is clear that the focus in all of this stuff becomes what we do "heroically" (her word) in the spirit realm, time after time, "serving" God to rescue imprisoned souls. What the focus is NOT on is that Jesus did this once for all, taking captivity captive and freeing ALL souls from Satan's power if they simply call on Him in faith and accept Him as their Savior. Which one of those two statements is Scriptural? Putting the focus on us? Or on Christ? Giving us the role in freeing captive souls? Or proclaiming Christ's sole role?

I could go on an on. But that is enough.

But please understand that, for those who have family members who are not saved and who seem impermeable to the gospel, I can understand their being drawn to such stuff as this. After all, we ALL desperately want our loved ones to be saved. None of us wants to think of them eternally separated from God, burning in torment forever. So, when someone comes along and claims they have the secret to success for our friends and family, it is natural to jump at what they have to offer. Even when, as Ms. Mendez-Ferrell herself says, the teaching is the result of an entirely "new realm of revelation." that God has chosen to give her outside of Scripture. Tragically, it is those poor people who have unsaved loved ones—and so badly want to see them saved—who are made prey and taken captive by such false teachers as this woman.

We who know the immutable truth of Scripture stand against all these false teachers (Kenneth Hagin being a granddaddy of them all) and thus we speak boldly against them. I pray nobody here on RF is taken in by them,. If somebody wants to know how to set the captives free, ask me. I'll tell you what God says. And it won't be based on some "new realm of revelation." It'll be based solely on HIS Word, once revealed and eternally effective.