If you could play one piece of music what would it be???


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I would love to play The “Hallelujah Chorus” from “The Messiah by Handel.

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Hopefully we will get to meet Handel, and Queen Victoria (on the testimony thread I put a while ago, when at a performance of Messiah, Queen Victoria was supposed to stay seated as per Royal etiquette... During the Hallelujah chorus, she stood up!! I read someone wrote her a letter including John 3:16 and she indicated she believed...)

Another story goes she couldn't wait for Jesus return as King of Kings so she could kneel and give him the crown of England he'd given her...
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I would love to play Verdi’s opera
“La Traviata” again.

I know we’re supposed to choose only one piece but I would also like to perform Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.
That’s one piece I haven’t performed. These days symphonies haven’t got the budget for it.

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Such a wonderful variety of music discussed here! Love that Danish orchestra!

Couldn't help but to think that just as each instrument is unique and important in their places so too are we in God's church.

I love Gershwin. That's what had me running downstairs to share with my mom when I first heard him on the radio!

I recently heard an exquisite flute piece by the composer Harty Hamilton that I'd never heard before. Can't remember the piece's name but it was so beautiful I thought to myself how much I would love to play it.

Oh!! I actually found it, he composed the rhapsodic fantasy "In Ireland" in 1918, originally for flute and piano.

These two things came to mind when reading this thread. Fun thread by the way. :)


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Hooray, found a solo piano arrangement of the piece for two pianos I want to play... Well the third movement anyway, once I've bought the sheet music will contact the arranger and see if he's arranged the first movement.... Now to sit down and try and decipher bar by bar.... My sight reading is very very poor and I'm sure there are brothers and sisters on here who could read this and play straight away. Not me as a player by ear lol....

I'm terrible at sight-reading. I always want to hear something before I attempt it. That piece is scary; rhythm like that runs me buggy. It sounds like a very cheerful piece though.


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Here's another piano piece I want to play... Can play a couple bars but that's it!! Not allowed to put YouTube vids on here, but Evgeny Kissin playing this is nothing short of wow!!! Actually Barry Douglas gives a very emphatic performance too....
I may have to print out this music; I like it a lot.

You know Steinway has a gorgeous piano--" One of the most anticipated STEINWAYS in history, “Pictures at an Exhibition” was conceived and hand painted by STEINWAY ARTIST and world-renowned visual artist Paul Wyse. This new art case STEINWAY & SONS Model D concert grand piano unites Modest Mussorgsky’s immortal work for solo piano with classical painting, Russian history, and meticulous STEINWAY craftsmanship in a historic first." -- from Steinway's website.

I think this one has a million dollar price tag. lol


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I took piano lessons as a youngster and was halfway decent. That was 30+ years ago. I always wanted to be able to play 'Chariots of Fire', but never stuck with it long enough to do so. In Heaven, I think I'll take it up again. I can still play most Christmas music, but need the sheet music in front of me. My memory is too shot to play if without the sheet music anymore. Piano has always been my favorite sort of music. If you listen to the older guys from Beethoven era, it's just amazing. There is a Russian guy from that era who they referred to as the man with 4 hands. Some of the music he played still cannot be duplicated very well by a single person. He was really tall and used the entire range of keys with his long arms. The guy was amazing.