If you could ask God for anything....


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I would ask for my sin nature to be removed.

He's going to do it anyway, but I am so sick of it! I guess that means that what I should really ask for is a true manifestation of all the fruits of the Spirit- a little more patience (among other things) to see me through in God's timing!
This! So beautiful. My old pastor had wonderful sermons on the fruit of the spirit. I need to reread these. This is a beautiful answer. Thanks for sharing.

Love His Appearing

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That He would draw my children even closer to him. That they may KNOW deep in their souls just exactly how much God loves them, and that not only does He know them by name, He calls them Beloved. That He would make his presence known to them in a mighty, mighty way. That He created them just the way they are and He thinks they are magnificent.

And also....that I could sing like the angels. :)