'If Lebanese rockets strike Israel, it's a declaration of war'

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    'If Lebanese rockets strike Israel, it's a declaration of war'
    Education Minister Bennett speaks with Arutz Sheva about security on the northern border, education, and the IDF.
    Uzi Baruch, 20/03/17 10:29
    Naftali Bennett

    Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who also serves as chairman of the Jewish Home party and as a member of the security cabinet, spoke on Monday about the security and national situation in Israel, as well as about Israel's attack on a Syrian weapons target. "The Israeli government's policy is very consistent," Bennett said. We will work to prevent Hezbollah from gaining strength in Lebanon. On our northern border, there is an attempt to threaten Israel strategically and Hezbollah currently has over 100,000 rockets and is working to improve their aim."

    "We are doing all we can to prevent Hezbollah from succeeding, and we will continue to do so. "In the past, our policy was to fight with Hezbollah, but not to touch sovereign Lebanon. That's what we did in the Second Lebanon War, when I commanded a group of soldiers. Our orders were to harm Hezbollah and only Hezbollah, and to cause no harm to any Lebanese government buildings. "But I no longer accept this differentiation.

    "The new policy must be that Lebanon is Hezbollah and Hezbollah is Lebanon. I have been pushing for this policy change for over two years, for the simple reason that all of Hezbollah's infrastructure is intertwined with that of Lebanon.

    "Hezbollah is part of the government, they chose the president, and all of Lebanon's leaders say that Hezbollah is part of their national security. We can't keep looking for a needle in the haystack of Lebanon. Every Lebanese citizen needs to know that if rockets are fired on us from Lebanon, we will see it as the Lebanese government's declaration of war, and we will act accordingly."

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    Indeed it is. I've been thinking about that passage of the fire feeding on the cedars of Lebanon. Gotta look it up. I remember someone saying it was partially fulfilled in the time when Israel went into Lebanon and sorted things out. But reading Jewish Christians like Dr Fruchtenbaum, and Zola Levitt this whole concept of multiple partial fulfillments leading up to the major fulfillment, sort of the pattern being part of the prophecy makes me think the the fire of the IDF may need to feed on Lebanon again. Zech 11:1-3 I don't know that it fits though.

    Funny how God allowed the Muslim hordes to invade Lebanon and turn it like Bethlehem, from a Christian country with a large muslim population into a fully muslim nation that drives the Christians out. It's wicked that the world saw and said nothing. Brigitte Gabriel is one of the Lebanese Christians who got out and is very grateful to this day to Israel for helping her and her family escape. She tells of it in her books.

    But now it's like the innocent people have left and if Lebanon is going to host Hezbollah and the Iranian Shiite militia, then maybe it's time for the IDF to just lay waste to Lebanon for a little time before they gt emboldened again.
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