Idiots with guns.

They still have them all over in Wyoming. My dad is a rancher in Colorado and my grandpa was a rancher in Wyoming. There were always guns in the racks and no one stole them. Recently we went to visit my brother in northern Wyoming and I saw a full gun rack with a bumper sticker I loved. It said, “We love our Bible, freedom and guns.” If any tourist would see that and freak out and call 911 they would likely get an aunt or cousin and get laughed at. It’s legal to open carry in racks like that.

I would rattlesnake hunt as a kid with my dad. They loved the irrigation pipes so he had to be ready to kill whatever might pop out from under them.

Duck hunting was another story. I hated the taste of duck so I would scare them away. Never take a 5 yo little girl on a duck hunt. :lol

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it's okay: your reply quacked me up.