IDF, US Marines joint-exercise concludes


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IDF, US Marines joint-exercise concludes
The collaboration is part of the United States and Israel’s long-standing military cooperation, though the exercise also comes amid heightened tensions with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Published: NOVEMBER 14, 2021

An IDF joint-exercise with the United States Marine Forces Central Command (MARCENT) and the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has drawn to a close after two weeks, the IDF announced on Twitter this Saturday afternoon. In addition to the training, annual staff talks between the IDF and the Marines were held, where a joint-cooperation plan for 2022 was finalized. The talks were led by Brigadier General Guy Levy, according to the IDF's statement.

The newest joint collaboration comes concurrently with an IDF amphibious exercise with the US Navy and Marines that started on November 2. "This exercise is part of the next chapter in the US Navy’s and Marine Corps’ long-standing relationship with Israel that is so vital to stability and security in the region,” Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Farrell Sullivan said in a statement about the naval exercise.