IDF strikes Hamas military compound amid Gaza rockets


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IDF strikes Hamas military compound amid Gaza rockets
Gaza launches a barrage of rockets on Sderot • IDF also struck infrastructure of rocket manufacturing structure
Published: APRIL 20, 2022

The IDF struck sites belonging to Hamas and other Palestinian factions in central and northern Gaza on Wednesday night as multiple rockets were fired towards Sderot in southern Israel on Wednesday night. A Hamas military compound used by its air defense forces was targeted during the IDF's attack on Gaza. According to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, earlier strikes targeted a military site and the opening of terror tunnels which led to an underground structure containing raw chemical materials for building rockets. The strike will lead to a significant impact on rocket manufacturing in the strip, according to the IDF.

Four rockets were fired toward Sderot during the strikes. The strikes targeted the Isaa al-Batran site in central Gaza and the Obeida site in Gaza City. A rocket fired earlier on Wednesday night landed near and damaged a home in Sderot, Israel Police said. No bodily injuries were reported, although one person was treated for anxiety. Sappers handled a rocket fragment found at the scene along with Israel Fire and Rescue Services firefighting crews. Rocket sirens that sounded in Sderot later were activated due to machine-gun fire from Gaza, the IDF confirmed.