IDF probe of Gaza shooting finds troops hampered by blind spots, poor planning


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IDF probe of Gaza shooting finds troops hampered by blind spots, poor planning
Military still investigating how rioter snuck pistol to area where army sniper was stationed and why hospital trip took nearly an hour; Hamas blamed for failing to restrain masses
By Judah Ari Gross
22 August 2021

Initial findings from the military’s investigation into the violence along the Gaza border on Saturday indicated that the troops were unprepared for the sudden rush of rioters toward the security fence, during which a Border Police officer was shot and seriously injured and a soldier’s gun was nearly stolen. The soldiers stationed on the border did not immediately open fire at the masses that suddenly attacked the fence, out of concern that they might hit the civilians that were in the area, a military official said.

The Israel Defense Forces has yet to complete a full probe of Saturday’s events, and is looking into all aspects of the day, from how troops were deployed along the border to the exact lead-up to the shooting, and how the forces responded to it, she said, adding that the military saw the incident as a grave violation of Israeli sovereignty. Though the IDF prepared for Saturday’s border protest — deploying additional troops to the security fence — it had incorrectly predicted that the demonstration would be far less violent, in light of Hamas’s public statements to that effect ahead of time.

According to the IDF, members of Hamas’s so-called restraining force were present during the protest, keeping back demonstrators who got too close to the border.