Idaho bill aims to kill up to 90 percent of state’s wolves

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Come quickly, Lord Jesus.
The act, SB1211, was signed into law on May 5 by Republican Governor Brad Little and will go into effect within months. It will allow hunters and private contractors to kill 90 percent or more of the state’s wolves, which number around 1,500 at last count. The decision comes just months after the species was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species Act, though wolves in the Northern Rockies have been delisted since 2011. The move threatens to partially undo decades of intense efforts—costing tens of millions in taxpayer dollars—to recover wolves in the region.

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I hate this so much, I love Wolves so much, but I love humans more, but why!!!! This is Republican Governor too,
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Alaska has an estimated 7000-11000 wolves. They've never been endangered here. One rarely sees them up here. When I have seen them has usually been during extra harsh winters when they're having trouble getting food.

There's probably a reason. I tried reading the article before a popup window wanting my email address stopped me. It looks like the wolves have been a problem for livestock and elk. 1500 wolves might be a bit much for a state the size of Idaho.
My dad is a big outdoors man. He frequently goes to Idaho. Yes, they are causing big problems for the livestock, deer and elk populations. They also carry a disease in their feces that can be very dangerous to humans. And despite everything the media tells us, they can and will attack people. He had a pack of wolves following him while he was out on the trail, he now packs a gun at all times.

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Come quickly, Lord Jesus.
One of the bills authors is a rancher.

Didn't the article say that the Elk population is large enough that the Wolves doesn't pose a huge problem?