IAEA deadline for saving Iran nuke deal passes as US amps up sanctions


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IAEA deadline for saving Iran nuke deal passes as US amps up sanctions
Last week, the US, Iran and the European powers broke a three-month freeze in negotiations by holding multiple days of talks in Doha, Qatar, but no progress was made.
Published: JULY 7, 2022

IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi’s self-made deadline for saving the Iran nuclear deal passed on Thursday without the Islamic Republic complying with his demand to reactivate his nuclear inspectors’ surveillance cameras. On June 9, Grossi held a dramatic press conference in which he warned that if Tehran did not reverse its closing off of 27 cameras and points of access to his inspectors within three to four weeks, it would be a “fatal blow” to the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal. He explained that the IAEA would no longer be able to estimate the status of the nuclear program.

Grossi went so far as saying that even if the US and world powers reached a new deal with Iran sometime beyond four weeks from June 9, his agency would be unable to competently advise them how much Tehran would need to reduce its nuclear program to prevent it from crossing the nuclear threshold. Questioned on Thursday about whether Grossi stood by his deadline and the JCPOA is now unsalvageable or whether he had a new position, the IAEA did not respond.

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Seems to me that irun has already got enugh 95% to make a dirty bomb. So in essence they are where they want to be. Unless they plan to move right in where they bombed.