IAEA chief doubles down against potential preemtive Israeli strikes on Iran


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IAEA chief doubles down against potential preemtive Israeli strikes on Iran
Grossi's statements came after extended meetings with key officials in Iran over the weekend.

IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi on Monday doubled down on his objection to any potential Israeli preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Grossi had called any such an attack a violation of international law this past weekend, leading Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to criticize him on Sunday as well as to affirm that Jerusalem would act against the Islamic Republic as it viewed necessary, including preemptive self-defense to avoid a nuclear threat.

The IAEA chief responded to a press question about the exchange saying, "I wouldn't comment of course on what the prime minister of Israel would say about me. There is nothing new really in what I said. I reiterated international law."

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Many Israelis are saying that the IAEA director/chief does Not speak for Israel and Israel will do what needs to be done. The chief, Grossi, is apparently not fully pro-Israel even though he's Jewish and Israel will not act submissively the way Grossi does.
The world is waiting to see what the right-wing gov't under Netanyahu will do in response to Iran now being 84% enriched.

How close are we to seeing something big?
What if Israel does preemptively strike Iran?! ...I'd imagine it won't completely destroy Iran since she will be part of the the Ez 38 coalition.

Any thoughts?


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It depends upon the yield of the device kilotons vs megatons a mile vs a few miles.

Also if what is hit fuels the initial device, the effect could be worse. Iran is a large landmass with a huge populace and not great infrastructure to be disabled.

National islamic fury could eclipse any woman's rights/personal liberty movement and rally the populace to war.

Israel is much smaller. A single device would wreck havoc there, and it will likely be small so as not to effect J'lem. Never the less, Israel cannot wait or be reactive.
And with islamic leadership committed to the death of every Jew, there is no option off the table for Israel.